Landlord, Management Company or Self-Managed: How Property Owners Pick the Method That is Best for Them

Some people have a rental property because they inherited a home. Others may have seen it as a good investment. Regardless of why they own the property, all would like it to be profitable for them. Rental units can be profitable if they are managed correctly. This can be done in several different ways.

Scottsdale real estate investment professionals know the value of making smart decisions with their rental property. They charge a rental fee that will gives them room for profit, but does not overprice the unit. They are proactive about repairs and upkeep so the property maintains value. Most importantly, they are vigilant about only leasing space to reputable tenants by doing background checks, requiring references and by monitoring the property to make certain rules are being followed.


Many homeowners do this work for themselves, some hire a landlord to oversee the property and others hire a property management company. There may not always be a “correct” method, but the one that matches the amount of hands-on control the owner would like is usually the option that will work best for them.

The choice that requires the largest amount of responsibility is managing the rental alone. This is best for people who are close enough to visually inspect the property regularly and are available to collect rent, make repairs and interview prospective tenants. Landlords reduce a lot of the responsibility, but they are usually not able to create any policies. They are simply in place to enforce the wishes of the owner.

A property management company may allow property owners to make their own rules, but they typically have a set policy of their own that is consistent across all of the rentals they manage. They are generally the ones who do everything and then provide financial statements and reports monthly to the owner. They are a good solution for property owners who are out of the area, not interested in the effort a rental requires or are only renting until the house sells. Many houses for rent in Chandler are managed by companies that provide rental management services and list and sell homes too.

Only the homeowner can decide what method is best for them. A good solution is to meet with a management company and learn about the options they have available. They are a good contact for anyone with interest in buying, renting or selling property.

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